Communication for Social Impact - February 2019


Branding and Way Finding - January 2019

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Zine - March 2019


Matchsticks, is a zine about Legal Literacy for women in India. In India, 99% of the sexual assualt/harassment cases go unreported. This zine aims at educating women about the laws that protect women under the constitution of India. This zine will be translated in Hindi (the national language of India) for distribution. 

Given the number of crimes that are committed against women, it is pertinent that women are aware about the laws that are in place to protect them. I believe that knowledge is power. These are rights set in place to protect women and it is important that everyone is aware about these. Only if women are aware of their rights can they fight against any injustice meted out to them at home, at the workplace, or in the society.

Due to a history of subjugation, various laws targeted at protecting and uplifting women and girls were formulated. However, the problem continues. Part of this is due to the fact that there is a general denial that a problem exists, the other part stems from the fact that girls and women are often unaware of their rights. To be a part of the change for the better, I plan on making this zine available to all kinds of women by partnering up with NGOs like Swach and Nyaaya. Swach is a social enterprise that does door to door collection of waste and aims to improve the living conditions of the waste pickers, along with focus on sustainability. 

Since these waste pickers go from door to door to collect garbage every single day all over Pune, I realised, this could be one of the ways to make sure that this zine reaches every women.


Laws are like matchsticks, capable of starting a fire. In the right hands, a fire to completely vanquish darkness. In society today, a lot of women live in the dark, facing atrocities, unaware of the multiple laws that back them up. Unaware of the power they hold. We want our zine to educate them and eradicate the fear they constantly live in. 

This zine is a matchbox.

It consists of laws, acts and a glossary, represented in comics which helps get rid of legal jargon. There is an FAQ section and a section dedicated to different organisations, that work for the upliftment and protection of women, with stress on lawyers and other officials who are especially dedicated to the cause of women empowerment.

It is made by Indian women in the spirit of the ferocious sisterhood that we aspire to establish.

This zine is a matchbox, and we hope to light a few torches with it.



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Hello! I am Aishwarya Jare, a designer and researcher from Pune, India. I will be graduating from MIT, Institute of design in June 2020.


I am currently working on my graduation project on Early Childhood Education. I follow a design process led by research and in-depth questions to arrive at strategies apt for a problem at hand. I see the world around me in systems, but I perceive them as interlinked stories and human connections. With love for problem-solving, I am seeking to create a meaningful impact on society. 

As a designer, I believe that one can never work in isolation. Thus in my projects, I involve professionals that tackle aspects of a problem from a different perspective- right from programmers, children to environmentalists. I recently also started studying psychology with an emphasis on social psychology because to design for the people around me, I need to understand them first. 

I spend my time watching people. I draw them, the way they are, the way some people want to be and sometimes I have interesting conversations with them.

I hold that building the apt education system would be the first step towards a better society. And I want to be a part of this change. I incline to teach and am a volunteer at the Times of India's NIE student program which organises workshops about topics such as gender equality, fake news and fact-checking, sustainability, etc, in schools all across India.

When not working, I spend my time reading, watching a crime drama, playing a sport or illustrating. 

You can find more about me here and on my Resume. 

Email me to get in touch.

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Thank you!

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Thank you!

The introduction is a brief guide on how to use the zine and why it was designed.

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There are about 7 Acts and 5 Laws listed in the Indian Constitution that serve to safeguard women's rights. The zine attempts to achieve two things- 
1. Educate women about these rights.
2. And in case these rights violated, equip them to use the aforementioned laws and acts.

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The confusing and often intimidating legal terminology has been broken down into easier definitions in the glossary section.

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I felt just writing down the laws wasn't enough, thus I used comics to illustrate not only their purpose but also to outline the basic process of their usage.

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I realised that the nature of the subject this zine aims to cover had a lot of grey areas because laws will never take into consideration the emotional and psychological violence a victim has undergone. Thus, this section tries to do its best to address questions which pop up under these circumstances.

Thank you!


Thank you!

Feel free to reach out for a collaboration or a conversation!

© Aishwarya Jare