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Understanding the visual representation of technology and its impact (ONGOING)

Our perceptions are greatly altered by how ideas and concepts are illustrated.


If you google "technology" you will see futuristic neon images, robots, code etc. People tend to understand these concepts in a way which is limited to what the images portray, which is very ambiguous, vague and abstract. In our image-saturated and image-driven culture, this creates a mystification of what technology is and how it can make our life better. Due to the "limits of visibility" and relative complexity inherent in any representation of technology, objects and concepts in this field have no immediate human visual representation. These visuals lack the human element and have an impact on how people perceive technology. 

Clay Shirky's argument that technology becomes really interesting when it becomes invisible (eg the mobile phone became a powerful social force when it became ubiquitous). But in order for it to become invisible it first has to be visible. While it is surely true that ultimately what is interesting about twitter is nothing to do with the technology of twitter itself, but the connections it fosters, the way it changes our social interactions, the global peer networks we form over it. And eventually we won't talk about twitter at all. But it is a necessary step on the journey to the 'bigger picture' to be interested in the technology. 


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Reflect the Change Alliance



Bring together organisations & individuals to make gender-sensitive media the norm.


Create to empower

- Workshops and training courses for students, journalists, content creators (scriptwriters, producers, directors)

- Participatory filmmaking to enable women and men to tell their stories through direct collaboration between survivors and professional filmmakers.

- Create space for non-women to submit stories, narratives, ideas for funding/collaboration


Be data driven 

- Research into all aspects of women and the media so as to define areas needing attention

- Action review of existing media policies with a view to integrating a gender perspective

Organisation and Service Design to Improve EX, CX and Business Outcomes

Redesigned the employee experience and parent journey as a way to support the change of organisational culture.

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Strategic Design and Systems Transformation at Chôra Foundation

Enabling new ways of thinking and doing socio-economic transformation and building design and innovative capabilities within the UNDP and other organisations. 

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