"Who are we, who is each one of us, if not a combinatoria of experiences, information, books we have read, things imagined? Each life is an encyclopedia, a library, an inventory of objects, a series of styles, and everything can be constantly shuffled and reordered in every way conceivable.”

- Italo Calvino, Six Memos For The Next Millennium

Most of my inspiration comes from the books, papers and articles I read, the conversations I have, my brilliant friends and Twitter. Also, when I am just walking, travelling in a bus, driving a car, swimming, staring at a wall or showering! I have also been working with my college alumni on putting together resources here. I have tried to compile some inspirational quotes/excerpts here. Some other resources I have worked on -


Open Source Doc - How to Get Started with Web Accessibility 


All Tech is Human - Guide to Responsible Tech: How to Get Involved & Build a Better Tech Future​

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Data Visualisation Catalogue - Within Reach

This guide is being released in partnership with NYU's Alliance for Public Interest Technology. Working along side 30 people, it was an eye opening  experience to collaborate with psychologists, designers, advocates, law professionals, comms specialists and technologists from all around the world in putting this guide together.

All Tech is Human is an organisation that committed to informing & inspiring the next generation of responsible technologists & change makers. It believes that in order to have a “better tech future” we need to accelerate the speed of tech consideration and create a more participatory model with how we tackle thorny tech/society issues. 

Feel free to reach out for a collaboration or a conversation!

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