Hello & Namaste!

My name is Aishwarya. I have been exploring and navigating through some of these hilly, muddy, messy but beautiful places...

Systems Innovation
Behavioural Sciences
Strategic Design

I am a designer and a researcher with a curiosity about systems, cultures and behaviours that govern the fabric of our society. I approach my work from a systems thinking perspective, putting human-centred, and participatory methods at the heart of the design process.

I am interested in working on projects related to social impact and innovation. I try to understand the complexity and relationships within social landscapes, inequality, human development and an extremely complex world. I believe that instead of simplifying problems, we need to rise to their complexity to facilitate well rounded, multi-faceted interventions that ultimately accelerate positive social change and increase its impact.

I am also a strong advocate of designing with

Urban Sociology
Gender Based Violence

Updates -


I am absolutely thrilled to get a chance to intern at the Digital Society School, Amsterdam as part of the 'Systems for Sharing' track starting from February 2020. 

I will be working on designing sustainable technical, digital and social systems supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Read more here

WDO published a report summarising about this Design Challenge. The report can be found here - https://wdo.org/programmes/interdesign/interdesign-design-challenge/generation-equality-asia-pacific-design-challenge/

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I had the honour of being part of a revolutionary exercise in global collaboration and in utilising design to tackle Violence Against Women and Girls. I joined design professionals and experts on VAWG from across 29 countries to design solutions as part of World Design Organization + UN Women in Asia Generation Equality Asia Pacific Design Challenge.

I hope you are having a good day. If not, this might help :)