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Hi there! I'm Aishwarya, and a Graphic Designer and a Design Researcher rooted in communities, ethics and compassion

This website is a curation of the different work I enjoy doing. 

I AM CURRENTLY WORKING ON my graduation project on early childhood education

She believes in following a design process led by research and in-depth questions arriving at visual strategies apt for the problem at hand. At other times she's looking at the huge world, lettering one word at a time.passionate about the use of tech/data to build resilient and inclusive communities.I see the world around me in systems, but more so in stories and human connections.

I love to tell stories, meet new people and once in a while, travel to places where I don't see them at all. As a designer, I believe that one can never work in isolation. I have collaborated with children, psychologists, doctors as well as my family and friends on a variety of interesting projects. I tend to inject my characteristic joviality into these complex systems. I believe design has the power to change the way people think and feel and I wish to do work that harnesses this power for good. 

When not working, I spend my weekends illustrating. Inspired by the picture books I read and collect, I wish to write one someday!

Hello! I am Aishwarya Jare, a designer and researcher from Pune, India. I will be graduating from MIT, Institute of design in June 2020.


I am currently working on my graduation project on Early Childhood Education. I follow a design process led by research and in-depth questions to arrive at strategies apt for a problem at hand. I see the world around me in systems, but I perceive them as interlinked stories and human connections. With love for problem-solving, I am seeking to create a meaningful impact on society. 

As a designer, I believe that one can never work in isolation. Thus in my projects, I involve professionals that tackle aspects of a problem from a different perspective- right from programmers, children to environmentalists. I recently also started studying psychology with an emphasis on social psychology because to design for the people around me, I need to understand them first. 

I spend my time watching people. I draw them, the way they are, the way some people want to be and sometimes I have interesting conversations with them.

I hold that building the apt education system would be the first step towards a better society. And I want to be a part of this change. I incline to teach and am a volunteer at the Times of India's NIE student program which organises workshops about topics such as gender equality, fake news and fact-checking, sustainability, etc, in schools all across India.

When not working, I spend my time reading, watching a crime drama, playing a sport or illustrating. 

You can find more about me here and on my Resume. 

Email me to get in touch.

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I studied graphic design for 3 years. 

systems design/design research

1. Fraud - 3/4 days 

2. Loni safety project (design sprint) try to collab with ECF and nayantara- 7-10 days sprint

3. besides

4. Grad project

5. project discomfort (design sprint) 3 day sprint and 3 days for prototype design

6. F&L revisit this a little (sprint)

7. after observing my own parents not taking proper care of their bodies and not eating properly i decided to dig a little deeper. 

8. weunlearn something similar - one week 

9. formalisation of our dissent thing into maps and research and all - one week 

10. all the data vis- 2 weeks 2/3projects

Project discomfort


LW&D Merch



I love reading and researching about anything that grabs my attention. I love underatnding concepts anf how they interact with the world. So, here are a few case studies


formalisation of our dissent

economic disparity, capitalism and fascism in india

Loni safety project research

On morality. weunlearn. Book - the righteoud mind

historical innovation in design from womenindesign insta

Public transport problem 

and crowded bus situation

1. current public transport plan by smart city pune

2. connectivity

Circular economy pune

India's water crisis, pune and then india

Politics, article on women and politics in india

All the CAA and NRC stuff

Creative tourism

I work for the NIE, which is a student edition for times of Indian. I teach/take workshops every month to 5-8th grade students. I teach them about fact-checking information, how to form opinions from facts..., how a country runs and money

I love teaching, the saksh

fact vs opinion

Fact checking

The ambassadors’ program aims to educate students to exercise their rights and duties, and act as crucial stakeholders of the system.

Teaching about privilege

equity, equality weunlearn


love towards environement

choke points? where does internet come from? where does everything you use come from. 

a little about world trade and geopolitics

I am the chapter leader for Ladies, wine and Design Pune started by Jessoca Walsh. Here is a cumulation of the events we have organised in te past.



Apart from design, I love exploring other random things like film making and photography and well cooking, sketching,illustration

Started with a little bit of lettering but realised its not my thing. 

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I love data visualisations. 

average 35 unemployed and 35 self - employed people ended their live everyday in 2018, with the 2 categories together accounting for 26,085 suicide deaths during the year according to NCRB data. - press trust of india. 

Nearly 3 unemployed people die every hour.

Explore heart attacks and corelation to stress in males iin 40s and 50s. 

fitting room

manual scavengers and policy study

RBI data confirms note ban was a total failure. 

cost of property and income comparison

domestic violence and alcohol abuse

Industrialists that supported modi's campaign. BJP raised Rs. 800 crore before polls, tata group biggest donor- the wire

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Wealth of India's richest 1% more than 4 times of total 70% poorest. oxfam-times of india

2020 budget.4 ways how the 202 budget can promote the digital economy. We can save money that is wasted on illegal surveillance for growing regulatory capacity and cyber security.



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Organisation and Service Design for Kidzee Preschool

Duration                        Client                                      Mentor

2 years                           Kidzee Preschool                   Kanhika Nikam

Key Activities: Organisation Design | Service Design | Business Innovation Strategic Design | Visual Design 

Feel free to reach out for a collaboration or a conversation!

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