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Back in 2014, my mom wanted me to experience life outside my comfort zone, so she made me travel to school on a public bus for nearly 2 years. I hated it, especially when all my friends had their vehicles. At the same time, it expanded my world view. I automatically changed my lens to see the troubles people went through- the crowds, lack of space, the sweat, the exhaustion but mostly the fact that they had to do all again, every day. Soon, I started having conversations with people, mostly women, out of sheer curiosity. They would tell me stories about ambitions, abusive fathers, dowry- one of the girls even told me that she failed her course to avoid getting married. Sometimes I would overhear arguments. 

Think about your unique story and background. What makes you different from other designers? What are your core values? How will your past experiences and personality add to a team? Find ways to feature these things in your about page, portfolio design, and writing.

This stuck with me and shaped the type of work I started doing. I recently started studying social psychology and sociology to understand people and society better, consequently design better. And over the past few years, I have realised that to truly impact the world we need interdisciplinary action. I believe that instead of simplifying problems, we need to rise to their complexity to provide well rounded, multi-faceted solutions. I see the world around me in systems, but I perceive them as interlinked stories and human connections.


When not working, I spend my time reading, watching a crime drama, playing a sport or illustrating. I also like finding elevated areas, climbing them and then taking a nap while the breeze sweeps past my face :D

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I am curious about systems, stories, cultures, behaviours and the complexity of the world we live in. My interests have grown and shifted through exploring how globalisation and colonialism have accelerated urbanism and increased inequalities, and how media and technology are polarising and shaping the world. I am keen to understand the political, economic, technological and cultural forces that have led to the concrete, digital, and social city and other contemporary realities.

During this journey of exploring various subject areas, I have realised that more than a single subject area, the questions “why, how, for whom, where, in which context” interest me. 

My explorations have also led me to study urban sociology, behavioural psychology, cities, feminism, and media studies. 


Apart from work, I spend my time reading obsessively, watching crime shows or playing tennis. I also like wandering and finding elevated areas, climbing them and taking a nap while the breeze sweeps past my face! I hope to learn boxing and surfing in the coming years.

These days...

I am reading:

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Design Justice By Sasha Costanza-Chock

I am learning:


Social Psychology

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Last Updated: 29th September 2020

Look mom, I am in the paper!

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Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 11.12.20

Women for Women, Pune Times

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Form Magazine, Germany

I hope you are having a good day. If not, this might help :)

She Was

The youngest person to be selected (worldwide) to be a part of a revolutionary exercise by the UN Women and World Design organisation to design responses for gender-based violence.

She Thrives

Collaboratively, across diverse teams to listen, learn and promote plurality. 

Joy in 'thinking through making' and is not afraid to iterate her way out of a problem.

She Finds

She Finds

Participatory and human-centred design, co-creating with stakeholders.

Busting complexity by presenting information in a simple, visual and thought-proving manner.

She Loves

She Is

Self-starter and project organiser, she loves cheerleading teams, analysing data and processes.


She is training to swim across the English Channel between English and France and getting used to talking in 3rd person!



“Aishwarya reached out to me after researching my experience and interest. I was impressed by this initiative and felt strongly that offering my resources and mentorship will be a good investment for both of us. I saw her use this same acumen to reach out to other subject matter experts and users. She never assumed she knew and could solve everything by herself. This collaborative approach is a rare mindset in young practitioners. A brief anecdote — unknowingly she started fieldwork by perceiving preschool teachers' inadequacies as the single underlying problem to the quality of education children receive. By being open to feedback, learning, unlearning, and pushing her boundaries — she was able to challenge her assumptions and ways of working. For her project — she was able to dig deep into areas that acted as barriers to teachers building their capabilities, in order to support their students. This mindset is key to her growth over the past 6 months and going forward.”

OLINA TERZI, INNOVATION CONSULTANT AT DELOITTE, NETHERLANDS “I had the pleasure to work with Aishwarya during her 5-month internship at the Digital Society School. From the moment I interviewed her to the moment we submitted our final proposal to the client, Aishwarya exhibited the same enthusiasm and internal drive to deliver work of the highest standard. I've come to know her as a committed and talented designer, eager to learn and develop herself continuously, as well as very much a self-starter. She acted as the "glue" to the 5-member multidisciplinary team she was part of, exhibiting great communication skills and work ethic. Her analytical and holistic thinking in combination with her creativity in coming up with viable solutions make her as asset to any team.”

PALOMA CONTRACTOR, UX DESIGNER  AT FRACTAL INK, INDIA “I had the opportunity to witness Aishwarya's depth of action and enthusiasm when we worked together on a project related to gender-based violence. She took this project on herself after a violent crime was committed 500 meters away from her university. She took the initiative to reach out to organisations and experts to form a team to reduce gender-based violence in the area. For two years, she was committed to the cause and determined to use her design thinking skills to take action. She also involved junior students be part of the project so they could collectively define and reflect on their design practice in solving complex social problems. She questioned not only the role of design but also the role an institution like a university could play in solving local problems. One of the traits that I find particularly remarkable is here ability to learn and unlearn constantly. I am sure that her exemplary work ethic, outstanding eye for detail along with her determination and energetic personality will make her an asset to any organisation.”


DR. MADHUSUDHAN MUKERJEE, UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR “Aishwarya has an avid interest in semiotics and design philosophy and is exceptionally aware of contemporary events, ideologies and trends. She has a logical process of thinking that does not shy away from debate while keeping her mind open to new concepts. Her unassuming demeanour hides a rational, thinking mind of extraordinary clarity. As a Visiting Faculty at the Design department of MIT ADT, and having taught this course for more than fifteen years, I can say that she was quite the ideal student during my short course of a few months. She was punctual, impressive and showed remarkable depth of thought and perspicacity. She has been one of the few students of her class who has followed up the theoretical aspects of Communication Studies with reading, research, and socially significant action. I am sure she shall be an asset to any institution or organization she may join in future.”

Loni Sagety

Un women



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