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I am a designer trying to explore the role of design in the constantly changing world. Due to my background in social sciences, I realised the importance of understanding people, cultures, context, and society to be able to be a better designer. How people perceive, think and behave in the world around us has always fascinated me. I believe one of the most important aspects of design is conducting in-depth research with a variety of methods and understanding how the context of the people affects their decision making, behaviours, mental models and mindsets. 

Apart from that, studying communication design has taught me the importance of leveraging storytelling and visualisation to articulate information by making it tangible and accessible and the salient role of media in a rapidly increasing information world. 

Owing to my varied interests, I like to challenge myself with projects from different domains. Because of this, I have developed a practice that keeps me aware of the interconnections and the bigger picture and articulate the details meaningfully. I approach my work from a systems perspective, putting life-centred and co-design methods at the heart of the design process. I am an advocate for designing with accessibility and inclusivity.

When not working, I spend my time reading, cooking, watching a crime drama or doing calisthenics. I love exploring new places, finding elevated areas, climbing them and then taking a nap while the breeze sweeps past my face :)

I am always up for opportunities to consult, collaborate creatively or simply share thoughts over tea :) Reach out to me at


Hello, again.

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