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Hello & Namaste!


This is where I try to document my work, thoughts, observations, learnings and reflections. I have been exploring urban sociology, systems thinking, information infrastructures, gender based violence, technology and design. 

I am curious about systems, stories, cultures, behaviours and the complexity of the world we live in. My interests have grown and shifted through exploring how globalisation and colonialism have accelerated urbanism and increased inequalities, and how media and technology are polarising and shaping the world. I am keen to understand the political, economic, technological and cultural forces that have led to the concrete, digital, and social city and other contemporary realities.

During this journey of exploring various subject areas, I have realised that more than a single subject area, the questions “why, how, for whom, where, in which context” interest me. 

I believe that instead of simplifying problems, we need to rise up to their complexity, understand context and facilitate well rounded, multi faceted responses that ultimately accelerate positive impact. 

What I have been up to -

I had the honour of being part of a revolutionary exercise by UN Women and WDO in a global collaboration to tackle Violence Against Women and Girls. In August 2020, I joined professionals and experts from various fields and across 29 countries to design responses for VAWG. WDO published a report summarising about this Design Challenge. The report can be found hereThe second phase starting in March 2021, will dive deeper into the process of defining more technical feasibility and fundability of the responses designed with an eye towards implementation.

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I am very excited to announce that recently, I started working at the Digital Society School as a Digital transformation trainee. For the next 5 months, I will be working with Gemeente Haarlem and VNG on designing responses to unite Dutch municipalities over a common vision of digital governance. Apart from this, I will be understanding and exploring digital technologies and society, digital governance, the platform economy, polarisation and digital inequalities. 

“It takes two to know one.”
― Gregory Bateson